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oney is sent to me, you
can 'ave ten if you li
ke." "You're very kind,
" ses Sam, "but that 'u
d be too late for me. I
must try and get it so
mewhere else." Peter an
d Ginger went on eating
their breakfast, but e
very time Peter looked
up he caught 'is uncle
looking at 'im in such
a surprised and disappo
inted sort o' way that
'e didn't like the look
of it at all. "I could
just do it for a coupl
e o' days, Sam," he ses
at last, "but it'll le
ave me very short." "Th
at's right," ses his un
cle, smiling. "My nevvy
, Peter Russet, will le
Peter's Pence
Sailor's Knots, Part 8. by Jacobs, W. W., 1863-1943