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s disappeared mysteriou
sly; and the old acquai
ntances, Guyot, Liebard
, Madame Lechaptois, Ro
belin, old Gremanville,
paralysed since a long
time, passed away one
by one. One night, the
driver of the mail in P
ont-l'Eveque announced
the Revolution of July.
A few days afterward a
new sub-prefect was no
minated, the Baron de L
arsonniere, ex-consul i
n America, who, besides
his wife, had his sist
er-in-law and her three
grown daughters with h
im. They were often see
n on their lawn, dresse
d in loose blouses, and
they had a parrot and
A Simple Soul by Flaubert, Gustave, 1821-1880