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otect the nice Englishm
en from the savages. If
you are very good, per
haps he will bring you
back a nice German beef
steak."] [English Carto
on] Queen Elizabeth in
the Dardanelles [Illust
ration: _--From Punch,
London._ (The reference
is to the huge British
dreadnought that bears
the name of England's
famous queen.)] [French
Cartoon] The "Sick Man
" At Home [Illustration
: _--From Le Rire, Pari
s._ The camel with two
humps. (The original ti
tle was "_Le Chameau a
deux Boches_." In Frenc
h slang a German is a _
bosche_.)] [German Cart
New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 2, May, 1915
April-September, 1915 by Various