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nother name. That is ve
ry plain. Do not deny i
t, Henry, for I know in
deed that you have a la
dy-love. It may be read
in your eyes. And look
you! it is on account
of this dear one that I
have come to you. It p
ains me, Henry, that yo
u have no confidence in
me, and allow me no sh
are in your joys and so
rrows. Do you not know,
then, how tenderly I l
ove you, my dear, noble
brother?" She put her
arm tenderly round his
neck, and wanted to kis
s him. He bent his head
back, and laying his h
and on her rosy, round
chin, he looked inquiri
Henry VIII and His Court by Mühlbach, L. (Luise), 1814-1873