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er, though it is your w
orship that has had the
worse usage. With the
government I gave up al
l wish to be a governor
again, but I did not g
ive up all longing to b
e a count; and that wil
l never come to pass if
your worship gives up
becoming a king by reno
uncing the calling of c
hivalry; and so my hope
s are going to turn int
o smoke." "Peace, Sanch
o," said Don Quixote; "
thou seest my suspensio
n and retirement is not
to exceed a year; I sh
all soon return to my h
onoured calling, and I
shall not be at a loss
for a kingdom to win an
The History of Don Quixote, Volume 2, Part 39 by Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616