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kissed or squeezed--ye
t. They'll be starting
quite soon now." "How o
ld is Doris?" "Nineteen
." "But a really good-l
ooking girl of nineteen
must have had admirers
before Grant went to t
he village." "She had,
and has. Having educate
d herself out of the ru
t, however, she left ma
ny runners at the post.
One is persistent--a y
oungish horse-coper nam
ed Elkin. Adelaide Melh
uish probably saw her w
ith Grant. Neither Dori
s nor Grant knew that A
delaide Melhuish, as su
ch, was in Steynholme.
That is to say, the gir
l had seen Miss Melhuis
The Postmaster's Daughter by Tracy, Louis, 1863-1928